Proverbs, The

Proverbs, The

An OT book that presents several collections of wisdom sayings, poems, and aphorisms. The book is best outlined as a series of collections.

Outline of Contents


I. Wisdom poems (Prov 1:1-9:18)

II. Wisdom sayings (Prov 10:1-22:16)

III. Admonitions (Prov 22:17-24:22)

IV. “Sayings of the Wise” (Prov 24:23-34)

V. “Proverbs of Solomon”: wisdom sayings (Prov 25:1-29:7)

VI. “The words of Agur” (Prov 30:1-33)

VII. “The words of King Lemuel” (Prov 31:1-9)

VIII. Poem on the ideal wife (Prov 31:10-31)