Hair left growing on the lower male face. Beards were worn in a wide variety of styles among ancient Near Eastern peoples. The Bible prohibits a specific type of beard trim (Lev 19:27) and specifically mentions that men like David and Ezra were bearded (1Sam 21:13; Ezra 9:3). The lack of a full beard was cause for embarrassment (2Sam 10:4-5; Isa 7:20; Jer 48:37), though occasionally beardlessness was a sign of mourning (Jer 41:5).

Lev 19:27

27You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard.

1Sam 21:13

13So he changed his behavior before them; he pretended to be mad when in their presence. He scratched marks on the doors of the gate, and let his spittle run do ... View more

Ezra 9:3

3When I heard this, I tore my garment and my mantle, and pulled hair from my head and beard, and sat appalled.

2Sam 10:4-5

4So Hanun seized David's envoys, shaved off half the beard of each, cut off their garments in the middle at their hips, and sent them away.5When David was told, ... View more

Isa 7:20

20On that day the Lord will shave with a razor hired beyond the River—with the king of Assyria—the head and the hair of the feet, and it will take off the beard ... View more

Jer 48:37

37For every head is shaved and every beard cut off; on all the hands there are gashes, and on the loins sackcloth.

Jer 41:5

5eighty men arrived from Shechem and Shiloh and Samaria, with their beards shaved and their clothes torn, and their bodies gashed, bringing grain offerings and ... View more

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