Barak (Bair´ak; Heb., “lightning”)

The son of Abinoam. Commander of Israelite militia and subordinate to Deborah in Ephraim in (Judg 4) (prose) and 5 (victory song), Barak was among the deliverers of Israel (1Sam 12:11; LXX).

Judg 4

Deborah and Barak
1The Israelites again did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, after Ehud died.2So the Lord sold them into the hand of King Jabin of Canaan ... View more

1Sam 12:11

11And the Lord sent Jerubbaal and Barak, and Jephthah, and Samson, and rescued you out of the hand of your enemies on every side; and you lived in safety.

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