Meet Bible Odyssey Website contributors and find out more about their research and publications.

  • das-andrew

    professor of religious studies and assistant dean of the faculty, Elmhurst University

  • Rawson-A Paige

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Wingate University

  • A.D. Riddle

    PhD Student, Trinity Evangelical Divinty School

  • koller-aaron

    Professor of Near Eastern studies, Yeshiva University

  • Ada Taggar-Cohen

    Professor, Doshisha University

  • Adam Gopnik

    Writer, The New Yorker

  • Adam Porter

    Dean and Professor, Illinois College

  • Berlin-Adele

    Robert H. Smith Professor of Bible, Emerita, University of Maryland

  • reinhartz-adele

    Professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa

  • choi-agnes

    Associate Professor of New Testament, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Aída Besançon Spencer

    Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

  • Cadwallader-Alan

    Research Professor at the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology, Charles Sturt University

  • Alan Lenzi

    Associate Professor, University of the Pacific

  • Rivera-Alessandro

    undergraduate student, University of Miami

  • Alex P. Jassen

    Associate Professor, New York University

  • meyers-alicia

    Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek, Campbell University Divinity School

  • batten-alicia

    Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

  • joseph-alison

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Bible and Its Interpretation, Jewish Theological Seminary.

  • McMurry-Allie

    Graduate, Oklahoma City University

  • mbuvi-amanda

    Assistant Professor of Religion, High Point University