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Glossary Items starting with 'C'

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  • Caesar

    Title designating an emperor of the Roman Empire.

  • Cairo

    The capital of Egypt since 1168 CE, located near the ancient city of Memphis.

  • Calvinists

    Protestants following the Reformation-era teachings of John Calvin, whose theological treatises emphasized God's total control over human salvation.

  • canon

    An authoritative collection of texts generally accepted as scripture.

  • canon formation

    the process by which biblical texts were selected as authoritative and arranged into their current order

  • canonical

    Belonging to the canon of a particular group; texts accepted as a source of authority.

  • canonical criticism

    An approach to biblical interpretation that considers books of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament as wholes, in their final forms—as opposed to the historical-critical method, which looks at texts' development, origins, and structure.

  • canonized

    Formally recognized within a religion; most commonly describes books of the Bible or Christian saints.

  • Carthage

    Phoenician trading city in North Africa destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC.

  • casemate wall

    An ancient city wall that was hollow, often housing inhabitants, rather than built of solid stone.

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