Ziba (Zi´buh)

In the OT, a retainer in Saul’s household who was appointed overseer of Jonathan’s lame son, Mephibosheth, the sole heir to Saul’s estate (2Sam 9:1-12). When David was forced to flee Jerusalem during Absalom’s revolt, Ziba met him with provisions and a story of Mephibosheth’s designs on the crown. For this information Ziba received in reward the grant of Mephibosheth’s estate (2Sam 16:1-4). On David’s return, Ziba rushed to the Jordan to assist him, while Mephibosheth met him with expressions of loyalty and a story of Ziba’s deceit. David thereupon divided the estate between them (2Sam 19:17-29).

2Sam 9:1-12

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2Sam 16:1-4

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2Sam 19:17-29

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