The Twin Brothers

The Twin Brothers

In Greek mythology Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Zeus and Leda, made into a constellation (Gemini) and thus considered gods. Their chief interest was in the safety of mariners (they had been granted power over wind and waves). Many ships of that era had ensigns (or figureheads) on their bows. The ship that brought Paul from Malta to Italy (after the first ship had been wrecked, Acts 27) had as its ensign a replica of the Twin Brothers (Acts 28:11).

Acts 27

Paul Sails for Rome
1When it was decided that we were to sail for Italy, they transferred Paul and some other prisoners to a centurion of the Augustan Cohort, n ... View more

Acts 28:11

Paul Arrives at Rome
11Three months later we set sail on a ship that had wintered at the island, an Alexandrian ship with the Twin Brothers as its figurehead.

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