Thessalonians (Thes´uh-loh´nee-uhnz)

The First Letter of Paul to the, the thirteenth book of the NT. Most scholars agree that 1 Thessalonians is the earliest Pauline Letter and thus the oldest extant NT writing. The Letter is affectionate and reveals high regard for the recipients. The main point of the correspondence might be the need to inform them concerning the status of those Christians who were awaiting the parousia of Christ, but who died before it came.

Outline of Contents

1 Thessalonians

I. Introduction (exordium)

II. Narrative (narratio)

III. Statement of Propositions (partitio)

IV. Proof (probatio)

V. Epilogue (peroratio)

VI. Exhortation (1Thess 5:12-22)

VII. Final prayers and greetings (epistolary conclusion)

1Thess 5:12-22

Final Exhortations, Greetings, and Benediction
12But we appeal to you, brothers and sisters, to respect those who labor among you, and have charge of you in the ... View more

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