tablets of the law

tablets of the law

The two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments inscribed by God on Mt. Sinai (Exod 24:12; Exod 31:18; Exod 32:15-16; Deut 9:10-11; Deut 10:1-6). The first set was broken by Moses in his anger at the sight of the golden calf (Exod 32:19). The second set was placed in the Ark of the Covenant.

Exod 24:12

12The Lord said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain, and wait there; and I will give you the tablets of stone, with the law and the commandment, which I ha ... View more

Exod 31:18

The Two Tablets of the Covenant
18When God finished speaking with Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the two tablets of the covenant, tablets of stone, written w ... View more

Exod 32:15-16

15Then Moses turned and went down from the mountain, carrying the two tablets of the covenant in his hands, tablets that were written on both sides, written on ... View more

Deut 9:10-11

10And the Lord gave me the two stone tablets written with the finger of God; on them were all the words that the Lord had spoken to you at the mountain out of t ... View more

Deut 10:1-6

The Second Pair of Tablets
1At that time the Lord said to me, “Carve out two tablets of stone like the former ones, and come up to me on the mountain, and make ... View more

Exod 32:19

19As soon as he came near the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, Moses' anger burned hot, and he threw the tablets from his hands and broke them at the foot ... View more

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