Shammah (Sham´uh)

1 The son of Reuel who was born to Esau and Basemath. Along with his brothers Nahath, Zerah, and Mizzah, Shammah was a chief of Reuel in the land of Edom (Gen 36:13, Gen 36:17); see also Isaac’s genealogy in (1Chr 1:37). 2 The third of Jesse’s eight sons who passed before Samuel in order to determine who was the Lord’s anointed (1Sam 16:6-10). He was one of the three eldest sons, who followed Saul into battle against the Philistines, and to whom his younger brother David took provisions from Jesse in Bethlehem to the valley of Elah (1Sam 17:12-54). 3 The son of Agee the Haraite who is listed as one of three warriors in the army of David. While others fled from the Philistines at Lehi, Shammah took his stand in a plot of lentils and slew the enemy (2Sam 23:11-12).

Gen 36:13

13These were the sons of Reuel: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, and Mizzah. These were the sons of Esau's wife, Basemath.

Gen 36:17

17These are the sons of Esau's son Reuel: the clans Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, and Mizzah; these are the clans of Reuel in the land of Edom; they are the sons of E ... View more

1Chr 1:37

37The sons of Reuel: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, and Mizzah.

1Sam 16:6-10

6When they came, he looked on Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord's anointed is now before the Lord.”7But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearanc ... View more

1Sam 17:12-54

12Now David was the son of an Ephrathite of Bethlehem in Judah, named Jesse, who had eight sons. In the days of Saul the man was already old and advanced in yea ... View more

2Sam 23:11-12

11Next to him was Shammah son of Agee, the Hararite. The Philistines gathered together at Lehi, where there was a plot of ground full of lentils; and the army f ... View more

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