Nahum (Nay´huhm; Heb., “consolation, compassion”)

The book of, the seventh of the Minor Prophets of the OT. It is likely that Nahum was a central prophet functioning within the Temple system of Jerusalem. The book of Nahum is so closely connected with the OT book of Habakkuk that the two are sometimes read as a single literary unit.

Outline of Contents

Nahum and Habakkuk

I. Hymn of theophany (Nah 1)

II. Taunt song against Nineveh (Nah 2-3)

III. The problem of theodicy (Hab 1)

IV. Taunt song against the “wicked one” (Hab 2)

V. Hymn of theophany (Hab 3)

Nah 1

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Nah 2-3

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Hab 1

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Hab 2

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Hab 3

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