Moreh (Mor´eh; Heb., “teacher, oracle-giver”)

1 The Moreh Tree, a terebinth (a large tree resembling an oak) at a sacred site near Shechem where Abram built an altar commemorating God’s appearance to him (Gen 12:6-7; Gen 35:4; Deut 11:30). 2 Moreh Hill—again suggesting a place to receive oracles—the extinct volcano opposite Mt. Gilboa at the east extremity of the Jezreel plain, where Midian encamped against Gideon’s forces (Judg 7:1).

Gen 12:6-7

6Abram passed through the land to the place at Shechem, to the oak of Moreh. At that time the Canaanites were in the land.7Then the Lord appeared to Abram, and ... View more

Gen 35:4

4So they gave to Jacob all the foreign gods that they had, and the rings that were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the oak that was near Shechem.

Deut 11:30

30As you know, they are beyond the Jordan, some distance to the west, in the land of the Canaanites who live in the Arabah, opposite Gilgal, beside the oak of M ... View more

Judg 7:1

Gideon Surprises and Routs the Midianites
1Then Jerubbaal (that is, Gideon) and all the troops that were with him rose early and encamped beside the spring of H ... View more

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