Migron (Mig´ron; Heb., “steep”?)

A town in the hill country of Judah. In (1Sam 14:2) Saul was at Migron on the outskirts of “Gibeah” (probably, Geba). In (Isa 10:28) Migron is also mentioned in association with Geba and Michmash as a point on the route of the invading Assyrians. The site is probably to be identified with modern Tell Miriam near Michmash.

1Sam 14:2

2Saul was staying in the outskirts of Gibeah under the pomegranate tree that is at Migron; the troops that were with him were about six hundred men,

Isa 10:28

28he has come to Aiath;
he has passed through Migron,
at Michmash he stores his baggage;

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