Merodach-baladan (Mi-roh´dak-bal´uh-duhn)

The name used in the Bible for a ruler otherwise known in history as Marduk-apla-iddina II, twice king of Babylonia (721–710 BCE) and leader of the Chaldean tribe Bit-Yakin in southern Babylonia. In (2Kgs 20:12-19 and Isa 39:1-8, (2Chr 32:31), we are told of an embassy sent by Merodach-baladan to King Hezekiah of Judah in order to establish some sort of alliance and coordinate actions against Assyria. Although this text tells of the embassy after recounting events of Sennacherib’s campaign against Hezekiah in 701, the embassy should be dated either to 705, the year when Sennacherib ascended the Assyrian throne, or even more probably to 714–713, at the time of the anti-Assyrian rebellion in Ashdod.

2Kgs 20:12-19

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Isa 39:1-8

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2Chr 32:31

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