Marah (Mair´uh; Heb., “bitterness”)

The unpalatably bitter pools of water reached by the Israelites after they crossed the Red Sea and entered the Wilderness of Shur (Exod 15:22; the Wilderness of Etham, (Num 33:8). Thirsty and angry, the Israelites slandered Moses, who, upon God’s orders, turned the waters sweet by throwing wood into the brackish pools.

Exod 15:22

Bitter Water Made Sweet
22Then Moses ordered Israel to set out from the Red Sea, and they went into the wilderness of Shur. They went three days in the wilderne ... View more

Num 33:8

8They set out from Pi-hahiroth, passed through the sea into the wilderness, went a three days' journey in the wilderness of Etham, and camped at Marah.

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