Joiada (Joi´uh-duh; Heb., “Yah[weh] knows”)

1 The son of Paseah and one of the builders of the wall of Jerusalem under Nehemiah (Neh 3:6). 2 A postexilic high priest, the son of Eliashib and the father of Jonathan (Neh 12:10-11; Neh 12:22), also called Jehoiada in (Neh 13:28).

Neh 3:6

6Joiada son of Paseah and Meshullam son of Besodeiah repaired the Old Gate; they laid its beams and set up its doors, its bolts, and its bars.

Neh 12:10-11

10Jeshua was the father of Joiakim, Joiakim the father of Eliashib, Eliashib the father of Joiada,11Joiada the father of Jonathan, and Jonathan the father of Ja ... View more

Neh 12:22

22As for the Levites, in the days of Eliashib, Joiada, Johanan, and Jaddua, there were recorded the heads of ancestral houses; also the priests until the reign ... View more

Neh 13:28

28And one of the sons of Jehoiada, son of the high priest Eliashib, was the son-in-law of Sanballat the Horonite; I chased him away from me.

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