Hosah (Hoh´suh; Heb., “refuge,” “protection”)

1 A porter (gatekeeper) in the time of David (1Chr 16:38; 1Chr 26:10). 2 A village of Asher (Josh 19:29), possibly the same as Uzu near Tyre.

1Chr 16:38

38and also Obed-edom and his sixty-eight kinsfolk; while Obed-edom son of Jeduthun and Hosah were to be gatekeepers.

1Chr 26:10

10Hosah, of the sons of Merari, had sons: Shimri the chief (for though he was not the firstborn, his father made him chief),

Josh 19:29

29then the boundary turns to Ramah, reaching to the fortified city of Tyre; then the boundary turns to Hosah, and it ends at the sea; Mahalab, Achzib,

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