Hiram (Hi´ruhm; Heb., “my brother is exalted” or “brother of the exalted one”; alternatively Huram [Chronicles])

1 The king of Tyre and a contemporary of David and Solomon. The kingdom he established is vividly pictured by Ezekiel (chaps. 26–28). Solomon traded with him for materials and craftsmen, particularly in the building of the Temple in Jerusalem (1Kgs 5:12-18; 2Chr 2:3-12). Some years later Hiram gave Solomon gold and another larger shipment of cedar and other woods and received in exchange twenty towns in Galilee known collectively as Cabul (1Kgs 9:10-13). Hiram also aided Solomon in his commercial ventures by supplying both ships and sailors for a merchant fleet that operated out of the port of Ezion-geber (1Kgs 9:26-28). 2 An artisan sent by King Hiram of Tyre to do the bronze work for the Temple in Jerusalem (1Kgs 7:13-14). The son of a woman of the tribe of Naphtali (1Kgs 7:14) or of Dan (2Chr 2:14) and a man of Tyre, he was responsible for casting the bronze pillars, the molten sea, and other Temple furnishings in a specially suited clay that was found between Succoth and Zarethan (1Kgs 7:40-46).

1Kgs 5:12-18

12So the Lord gave Solomon wisdom, as he promised him. There was peace between Hiram and Solomon; and the two of them made a treaty.13King Solomon conscripted f ... View more

2Chr 2:3-12

Alliance with Huram of Tyre
3Solomon sent word to King Huram of Tyre: “Once you dealt with my father David and sent him cedar to build himself a house to live i ... View more

1Kgs 9:10-13

10At the end of twenty years, in which Solomon had built the two houses, the house of the Lord and the king's house,11King Hiram of Tyre having supplied Solomon ... View more

1Kgs 9:26-28

Solomon's Commercial Activity
26King Solomon built a fleet of ships at Ezion-geber, which is near Eloth on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom.27Hiram ... View more

1Kgs 7:13-14

Products of Hiram the Bronzeworker
13Now King Solomon invited and received Hiram from Tyre.14He was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naphtali, whose father, a ... View more

1Kgs 7:14

14He was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naphtali, whose father, a man of Tyre, had been an artisan in bronze; he was full of skill, intelligence, and knowle ... View more

2Chr 2:14

14the son of one of the Danite women, his father a Tyrian. He is trained to work in gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, and wood, and in purple, blue, and crimso ... View more

1Kgs 7:40-46

40Hiram also made the pots, the shovels, and the basins. So Hiram finished all the work that he did for King Solomon on the house of the Lord:41the two pillars, ... View more

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