Esdras (Ez´druhs)

The First Book of, an alternative version of (2Chr 35:1-36:23), all of Ezra, and (Neh 7:38-8:12). It is included in the LXX, the Greek version of the OT that was used by the early Christian church. Protestants place it in the Apocrypha, while Roman Catholics regard it as deuterocanonical. It appears in the Vulgate as 3 Esdras.

2Chr 35:1-36:23

Celebration of the Passover
1Josiah kept a passover to the Lord in Jerusalem; they slaughtered the passover lamb on the fourteenth day of the first month.2He ap ... View more

Neh 7:38-8:12

38Of Senaah, three thousand nine hundred thirty.39The priests: the descendants of Jedaiah, namely the house of Jeshua, nine hundred seventy-three.40Of Immer, on ... View more

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