En-rogel (En-roh´guhl; Heb., “spring of a treader or fuller”)

The name of a spring near Jerusalem that served as the boundary line between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (Josh 15:7; Josh 18:16). During the rebellion of Absalom against his father, David, this spring was the place where information was passed by a maidservant to David’s men (2Sam 17:17). Later, when David was near death, his other son, Adonijah, prematurely declared himself king while sacrificing animals and celebrating with his friends by the Serpent’s Stone, which was beside En-rogel (1Kgs 1:5-10).

Josh 15:7

7and the boundary goes up to Debir from the Valley of Achor, and so northward, turning toward Gilgal, which is opposite the ascent of Adummim, which is on the s ... View more

Josh 18:16

16then the boundary goes down to the border of the mountain that overlooks the valley of the son of Hinnom, which is at the north end of the valley of Rephaim; ... View more

2Sam 17:17

17Jonathan and Ahimaaz were waiting at En-rogel; a servant-girl used to go and tell them, and they would go and tell King David; for they could not risk being s ... View more

1Kgs 1:5-10

5Now Adonijah son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, “I will be king”; he prepared for himself chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.6His fath ... View more

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