conduit (Channel, aqueduct)

A trench for converging water. Water conduit systems were varied in their construction. Some were underground tunnels cut through rock, while others consisted of plastered troughs or tiled pipes. Many believe that it was an underground conduit or “water shaft” that David’s men used to enter Jerusalem and bring an end to Jebusite control of that city (2Sam 5:8). When it appeared that Sennacherib was about to conquer Jerusalem, Hezekiah ordered that the openings of the conduits be closed. Later Hezekiah had a 1,780-foot tunnel cut through solid rock to bring water from the Gihon into the city (2Kgs 20:20).

2Sam 5:8

8David had said on that day, “Whoever would strike down the Jebusites, let him get up the water shaft to attack the lame and the blind, those whom David hates.” ... View more

2Kgs 20:20

Death of Hezekiah
20The rest of the deeds of Hezekiah, all his power, how he made the pool and the conduit and brought water into the city, are they not written ... View more

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