William K. Gilders

William K. Gilders


William K. Gilders is an associate professor in the Department of Religion at Emory University. His research and teaching focus on cultural history, especially its religious dimensions, ranging from the ancient Mediterranean world to twenty-first century North America. He is the author of Blood Ritual in the Hebrew Bible: Meaning and Power (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004) and several articles on ancient Israelite religious practice interpreted from the perspective of anthropology and ritual theory.

Heinrich Bünting

Holy of Holies

The Holy of Holies is the innermost chamber of the temple noted for its connection to God’s presence.


Jubilee Year

According to Leviticus 25, every fifty years, the Israelites were to observe a Jubilee Year, when slaves were freed and debts were forgiven.

Israelite Horned Altar

Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

Animal sacrifice was common in the ancient world, where the ritual killing and cutting-up of animals and burning them in an altar fire strengthened the bond between God and humanity.